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Buy Strawnana online El Chapo Prerolls are fill with 2 grams of top shelf, lab test, hand broken cannabis. The flower is pack into a 100% tobacco free, slow burning natural leaf wrap, and dust in kief. An engineer glass filter is use at the tip to ensure a consistent and smooth draw from start to finish. These are the perfect prerolls to share with a group of friends, or smoke on all day long. Just one pre roll is fill with 2 grams of flower, so there is enough to keep you company for hours. Packwoods are one of a kind, delivering hard hitting effects with a surprisingly light taste.


Buy pack woods online pre rolled


Simply order online, via text, or call us at the number provided at the top right side of the website! Delivery to most cities in LA takes under 1 hour. You will receive a tracking link with live delivery updates and ETAs.

Lastly, pre-rolls are widely available. It’s a good thing that there are lots of recreational shops, dispensaries, and online marijuana stores in the country that sell premium pre-rolls. Some even provide shipping and delivery services, so getting your favorite brand shipp right to your door, is very possible. Buy packwoods USA AND you can also buy pack woods online from the best shop , we do national and international Delivery

More about this strain: Strawnana

Bred in Amsterdam by Reserva Privada — a subdivision of DNA Genetics — Strawberry Banana’s (also referred to as Strawnana) . mother is a female Banana Kush from Crockett Family Farms crossed with a male Bubblegum , selected from a pack of seeds originally bred by Serious Seeds. The end result is a frosty, resinous bud that’s notably easy to grow .  in virtually any environment, both indoors and outdoors. The strain has won several awards, including 1st Sativa Flower at the 2015 . High Times Cannabis Cup, and 1st Judges Choice at Cannabis Cup Brazil in 2016.


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