Oura Black Vape



Oura Black Vape

Oura Black Vape,is the latest portable dab rig and these types of extract vaporizers are so ubiquitous that by now most vapers should be familiar with their basic design. The Oura follows the basic portable dab rig design pattern, but KandyPens put their own unique spin on it. The water bubbler has an interesting bell shape that looks different from the other rigs out there. The base has the heating coil attached to the front and the atomizer slips in and out of it easily. There is a tether that attaches the coil to the carb cap so that the latter is conveniently held in place whenever you are ready for a refill.

The KandyPens Oura is an intelligent portable e-rig that’s designed for unparalleled wax sessions. Equipped with four preset temperatures, multiple atomizer options, a 3000mAh battery, and a handmade glass attachment, the Oura delivers thick vapor with a rapid heat-up time. The Oura sports a zinc alloy shell and hefty base that provides additional durability. This dynamic e-rig is available in 6 stylish pastel colors that fit any vape vibe.

The KandyPens Oura is a portable dab-rig constructed with zinc alloy and sports a design that has curves and edges that make the entire device slightly reminiscent of an art piece. Featuring four preset temperature levels (capping off at 800°F). Its kit also comes with the option to choose between ceramic or quartz atomizers, further allowing you to have better control of the already terrific overall vapor quality. Ergonomic and well designed, the Oura is a premium vape that performs at par with its price.

Background-Oura Black Vape

KandyPens have been around since 2014, based in California, they have built a solid brand that is well known for producing quality and high-performance vaporizers. They offer anything from Dry herb vaporizers, concentrates eNails, and Vape pens.

With celebrity notable collaborations on their record, such as  A$AP ROCKY, Amber Rose, and Young M.A, Kandypens has managed to set their reputation in the industry.

KandyPens frequently appears on our best vaporizers list, with popular products such as the Crystal vape-pen (Review), a durable dab pen that is made from the finest quality and launches impressive performance. And the K-Vape Pro (Review), one of the best dry herb vaporizers you can get for less than $100.

The Oura is a portable dab rig, made from zinc-alloy, with a unique design and a powerful 3000mAh battery. It features four preset temperature levels, haptic feedback, and 2 types of atomizers. Let’s dive in to check if it’s worth its price – $199.95 ($150 if you are using TVG25 coupon).


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