Magnum Snap E-Cigarette kit



Magnum Snap E-Cigarette kit

Magnum Snap E-Cigarette kit , the Epuffer Magnum Snaps kit is, for a cig-a-like, a good kit. I know there are still many smokers out there that want to start on a smaller e cigarette for their first step into vaping.

The Magnum Snaps kit batteries are some of the smallest batteries available on a cig-a-like e cigarette. There are two in this kit, one with a blue tip and one with a red tip that glows when taking a draw

The batteries themselves have a smooth black finish that are nice to the touch. Unlike other mini e cigarettes I have tried the connection between the cartridges and the batteries is magnetic rather than a screw thread.It works a treat as well, the magnetic connection is firm so once the cartridge snaps into place there is very little movement.

With the cartridge and the battery combined you have a small e cig measuring approximately 3.7 inches.

The battery life of the Epuffer Snaps is, not surprisingly, poor. This is simply down to the size of the battery which is very small for an e cig.

The saving grace with this is that it comes included with the E Pack.

Portable Charging Case – Magnum Snap E-Cigarette kit

Otherwise known as a PCC, the E Pack is a case that not only carries around two batteries and two cartridges but it also charges one battery while it’s in the case.

This is a must have when it comes to a mini e cigarette kit like this. The reason being is that the battery life of the e cigarettes themselves is short. Moderate to heavy vapers will be looking to charge their e cigarette battery every 1.5 hours.

The PCC helps with this. Simply keep one battery in the magnetic charging slot and simply swap the batteries when needed. As long as you keep the E Pack PCC charged then you shouldn’t reach a point where you run out of power on your e cig battery.


The kit I received for review came with three tobacco tester cartridges and I was also sent two packs of spare cartridges. One pack of Premium Tobacco and one Mocca Cafe with caramel, both in 6 mg nicotine strength.

The Premium Tobacco is a 70PG / 30VG mix and a subtle tobacco flavor that gives a smooth throat hit with the 6mg nicotine. I’m not a huge fan of tobacco flavors but this I found easy to vape and the flavor did a good job replicating the real thing.



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