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  KandyPens MIVA

KandyPens MIVA has basically outstanding flavs let’s start with the important stuff. KandyPens MIVA 2 is an ace in the vapor production department. It may be small, but its vapor production is big. You have the conduction side of its heating system to thank for that. By heating herb directly on the hot surface of the chamber, the MIVA 2 creates bigger clouds faster.

You’ll probably be surprised after your first hit from the soon-to-be released . This portable herbal and wax vape may be small, but its clouds are startlingly big. The ceramic conduction/convection oven and 2200mAh battery promise the kind of vapor production you’d expect from a larger unit, but you still get that vaping-on-the-street experience with a very pocket-friendly design.

This is a connoisseur’s vape with a reasonable price tag. Surprisingly feature-rich for a little guy, it allows you to pinpoint your favorite temperatures using precision control, and, conveniently, the unit will remember your last setting. An upgraded OLED display gives you command over your sessions, displaying battery power, current heat, and temperature settings.

Design-miva kandypens

KandyPens MIVA 2 is an upgrade to an already formidable vape–perfect for beginner and intermediate users who want excellent vapor with an extremely portable design and a reasonable price point.

At the same time, the rips are delicious and smooth. That’s where the convection heating comes in. By seeping hot air into the chamber through tiny holes in the bottom plate, the MIVA 2 vaporizes every millimeter of surface area without directly heating it, which maximizes flavor and minimizes combustion. With the glass mouthpiece extension attached, you lose a bit of discretion, but the hits are smooth and clean-tasting.

KandyPens Miva 2 is quite efficient. After a session, the greens were browned, completely spent–the mark of a combustionless vaporizer.


KandyPens Miva 2 features an upgraded interface with a clearer and brighter OLED Display for monitoring temperature and battery power. Pick temps using the up and down arrow buttons. The display will show you the temp you’ve chosen as well as the current heat as it climbs toward your chosen setting.




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