K-Vape Pro Black



K-Vape Pro Black

K-Vape Pro Black has checked out some devices from Kandypens like the Kandypens Crystal Black and Kandypens Rubi and often come away modestly satisfied but desiring more. The K-Vape Pro promises top quality, next-gen vapor quality at an entry-level price point. Is it a worthy competitor or does it fall short to other devices? Check out our Kandypens K Vape review here for more!

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Kandypens K-Vape Pro-How it Works

5 rapid clicks of the device will turn it on and holding down the same button will allow you to cycle between the available temperature settings. We recommend using finely ground herb packed down slightly for the best results.

The K Vape pen has four temperature presets to choose from – 350, 375, 400, and 428°F / 177, 190, 204, and 220°C. Users that prefer temperature control tend to go for devices such as Arizer Solo  that helps them find the sweets spot.

This is fine enough, though complete control and a display would be preferable as many budget devices in today’s age give you that option.

Wholly unimpressive, the K Vape pen has a tight draw resistance, low vapor production, the flavor is mediocre and really it’s hard to find any positives with the device.

The glass mouthpiece isn’t quite long enough to allow vapor to cool and we struggle to see how the K-Vape even comes close to beating other units like the Utillian 421 and Flowermate Slick.


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