Epuffer Magnum Snaps (Best Cig-a-Like Kit)



Epuffer Magnum Snaps

Epuffer Magnum Snaps,The ePuffer Magnum Snaps starter kit is only the beginning of the Magnum Snaps experience. It has everything the user needs to start vaping and offers a variety of extra accessories that allow users to customize their vaping experience.


The ePuffer Magnum E-cig Pack is the ultimate solution to the problem of short battery life. Many vapers prefer e-cigs with a classic, small form factor that closely resembles the size and shape.

Large batteries with high capacities simply won’t fit in these kinds of vaporizers just yet, but the Magnum E-cig Pack offers a viable solution. This premium e-cig kit comes with a battery that’s roughly the size and shape of a box of cigarettes.

This maintains the simply satisfying illusion that e-cigs like this provide their users, and it drastically extends the battery life of the unit. This handy E-Pack has a flashlight on the bottom that should be useful in a variety of unexpected situations.

The pack even has a place to store an extra atomizer in the event that the one in use needs to be replaced. Users can leave their homes with this product in their pocket, knowing that nothing will interrupt their vape sessions.

The ePuffer Magnum E-Pack

The included E-Pack that ships with the Magnum E-cig Pack Kit oozes quality. It holds an assembled e-cig, an extra battery that charges in the user’s pocket, and an extra atomizer.

When one battery dies, simply switch it with the one that’s been charging. The previously used battery will be charged and ready to use by the time the current battery dies. If the e-cig atomizer dies, simply replace it with the spare located in the E-Pack. Remember to charge the pack, and nothing can stand in the way of clean, delicious vapor.

Extra Magnum Snaps

The E-Pack features a matte finish with a well-designed, modernized logo.

  • A single-button interface is located on the left side of the E-Pack, and it has a couple of functions.
  • One press will illuminate the five LED lights above the button to display the battery status, and a long press will activate the flashlight located on the bottom of the E-Pack.

The E-Pack contains a 600mah battery that should make the average vaper’s e-cig last all day. Its lifespan is good. Magnum has stated that this E-Pack should last for 400 charge cycles.

The port that charges the battery is effective and seamless. There’s no need to screw the battery into the E-Pack. Simply drop it in and let the ePuffer Magnum Pack do the rest.


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