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Apollo brez vape

Apollo brez vape ,Thanks to the aluminium body this is both light in the hand and tough. The pods have strong magnets and snap into the battery with a very satisfying click – they aren’t going anywhere!

Breath Of Fresh Air

The Apollo Brez is yet another entry into the extremely overcrowded pod kit market, so the question is what, if anything, makes this one stand out from the crowd?

I just had to Google the word ‘Brez‘ and found a few meanings including slang for ‘best friend’ however the most common use is for a nasal breathing aid! As to if this particular Brez has me snorting with derision or breathing easy – we shall see

OK Apollo is a huge vape company based in both the UK and the USA and it’s fair to say have released some pretty impressive vaping kits and indeed flavoursome e-liquids. I enjoyed the full range [at the time] of juices and really rated the Apollo Ohm Go and enjoyed the ginormous VTube 5.0 topped with the almost perfect Phaser sub ohm tank.

The Apollo Brez Pod Kit

So a decent pedigree for the Brez to live up to!

For the record the Brez Deluxe pod kit was sent to me direct from Apollo – thank you – and free of charge for the purpose of this review – as always freebies do not cloud my judgement…though at this time of year I can be bribed with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs…mostly…

Key Features

Hey it’s a pod kit so the features are pretty basic.

The pods are pre-filled and are 1ml capacity – replacements come in packs of 4.

The Deluxe kit does include all five salt nic flavours at 20mg (more on what what Salt nic e-juice is here) – which gives you the chance to try all flavours and then stick with the winners.

How To Charge The Apollo Brez

Charging the Brez might leave you scratching your head for a wee while – it certainly did me as there isn’t a USB port on the device. Instead you snap on a magnetic adapter and then plug in the USB cable which has a very snazzy looking 24k gold plated connection.

The LED light indicator shows white whilst charging and turns off when device is fully charged.

As to any safety features – there’s not a very detailed manual or set of specs. In this case the manual isn’t really a manual more part of the packaging.

Vaping is activated by your draw so no need to worry about fire buttons or menu screens.

Like I said this is a very basic setup that is perfect for vape beginners.


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